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Srijoni Sarkar

Hi! I am a Communications Professional based in Toronto, Canada with a love for Kpop.

If you are just getting into Kpop, this is the place for you to find more about the industry!

  • Let’s Talk About Itzy’s Cheshire Concept Pictures

    When Itzy announced that they were finally having a comeback, I was ready to forget about the mess that was Checkmate (it’s one of my favourite albums by Itzy but Sneakers was not it) and start this new era with them. It’s been a week since Cheshire was released and there are so many things […]

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  • Breaking down Itzy’s Cheshire

    On November 30, Itzy released their sixth mini album ‘Cheshire.’ The album has a total of four songs: the title track – Cheshire, two new B-sides – Snowy and Freaky and includes their first original English song – Boys Like You, which was released last month. If I’m being honest, I was disappointed when I […]

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  • My Spotify Wrapped + playlist of recommendations

    It’s that time of the year again. The temperatures are dropping, everyone is looking for the perfect present . . . and Spotify has finally released its much-anticipated Spotify Wrapped. For the uninitiated, Spotify Wrapped is the viral marketing campaign where Spotify combines data of each listener and tells them their most listened to artists, […]

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  • Kpop’s Double Standards for Women (+ a few favourite performances)

    With MAMA announcing a ‘Rookie Girl Groups’ special collaboration stage’  for this year, it is no secret that 2022 has been the year of women for Kpop. From chart-breaking debuts of rookie groups to the return of our favourites like Girls Generation, to solo debuts like Nayeon’s Pop, the year has given us a diverse […]

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  • How is Musk’s Twitter affecting the fandom experience?

    If you have been on Twitter in the last week, you are probably aware of the chaos that has been unleashed on the platform. From fake verified posts, like the one where a fake Pepsi account tweeted that Coke was better to mass laying off of employees since Musk took over, its . . . […]

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Kpopalore’s Quote Wall

That moonlight that shines on me at dawn
It’s still the same as then
A lot changed in my life, but
That moonlight is still the same
That moonlight that shines on me at dawn
It’s still the same as then
Changes are fated to happen to everyone
Perhaps it is how we change that is our karma to bear

— Min Yoon Gi (Agust D), D2

This is the cover image for the album D2. You can click on it to listen to the song.
D2 Cover Image
(Click to listen to the song)

My current favourites: